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Fashion Designer Of The Year, Nipiy Iskwew, Among Notables At 2023 Juno Awards

The Juno Awards, Canada’s most prestigious music awards ceremony, was held on March 14, 2023, and it was a spectacular event that showcased the best of Canadian talent. However, the event was not without its small hiccup and security lapse when a topless protestor ran on stage while Avril Lavigne was accepting her award for the TikTok Juno fan choice award.

Despite the unexpected interruption, Avril Lavigne remained calm and composed and even delivered a witty remark that earned applause from the audience. “Now nobody try anything this time. I’ll f–k a b-tch up,” she said. This incident highlighted the importance of adequate security measures in such events.

Aside from the minor security lapse, the Juno Awards was a celebration of Canada’s vibrant music scene, with outstanding performances from some of the country’s biggest music stars. Hosted by Simu Liu, who was superb in his second time around, the event was filled with excitement and energy.

The awards show was filled with fans just happy to be celebrating Canadian culture in a post-lockdown environment. And what would a music awards show be without its celebrities and the who’s who of fashion decked out from head to toe in the latest design trends? Among the notable attendees was the 2022 Canadian Fashion Designer of the year, Skylene Gladue, C.E.O. of Nipîy Iskwew Designs, the hottest brand in clothing across Canada.

Gladue felt it was important to support Canadian artists and the culture. “Attending the Junos is an amazing experience. What better way to do that than get all dolled up with the deadly beautiful aunties Raven Dee, Melody McAuthur, Nipiy Iskwew and Tammy Lamouche.” Said Nipiy Iskwew

The awards ceremony recognized the achievements of some of the best Canadian artists in the industry, and the winners of the night were a testament to the exceptional talent present in the country. Some of the night’s notable winners included the Weekend, who took home the Juno for pop Album of the Year and several other awards and saw rock legend Nickelback inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame.

The Juno Awards also featured incredible performances from some of Canada’s most celebrated musicians, such as Jessie Reyez, Aysanabee, Alexisonfire, AP Dhillon, Banx & Ranx, Preston Pablo, Rêve, Tenille Townes, Tate McRae and Nickelback.

The Junos have undoubtedly been a huge success in Canada and around the world. With a long and storied history of recognizing and celebrating the best in Canadian music, this awards show has become an important cultural institution in our country. Year after year, Canadians eagerly tune in to see their favourite artists take the stage, and the event continues to draw in new fans with each passing year.

But what truly sets the Junos apart is the unwavering support of Canadians. From the fans who vote for their favourite artists to the musicians who proudly represent our country on the world stage, the Junos truly reflect Canada’s deep and abiding love for music. And as we look toward the future, there is no doubt that the Junos will continue to play an important role in Canadian culture and music for generations to come.

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