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Icon and star Brice El Glaoui Bexter: Morocco’s Rising artiste Discusses Film Industry, His Career

Morocco was so much more involved in this project, because usually, production companies come to Morocco and co-produce just part of the movie and then the movie goes back to France, England or America,” Brice .

“But this movie, this movie belongs to Morocco. It was 80% filmed here, and 80% produced by private Moroccan investors as well,” he continued. “We had all these A-listers, but an entirely Moroccan crew.”

“A step forward for the local cinema industry”

The movie’s crew, composing mostly of Moroccans based in country’s cinema capital, Ouarzazate, gave a boost to the local industry, providing jobs for local film students breaking into the industry and giving them the chance to be on the crew of a major Hollywood film.

“The movie was a step forward for a lot of people that got involved in the project, and definitely for Morocco as a whole because we’ve never produced a movie like this in Morocco or even the Arab world in general.”

“The movie brought a lot of investment to Morocco itself. Since the King brought a tax rebate for foreign films in Morocco, it’s been a great incentive for more movies to be filmed in Morocco,” he said.

Brice was referencing a 2016 finance lawthat makes foreign films eligible to receive 20% cash-back if its expenditures in Morocco are at least MAD 10 million and the film provides at least 18 days of work.

“That incentive is bringing in 30 to 40 million euros a year to Morocco, and it has been great for the country,” he said. “It’s a win-win for everyone, it’s great for both Morocco’s economy, film producers and local talent.”

“The Moroccans on set are very well paid, and it’s still much cheaper for producers than bringing in workers from overseas, they win by saving costs and we win by boosting the local film industry.”

Showing the modern Morocco”

Brice again reiterated the film’s aim to put Morocco at the forefront, both by including a Moroccan crew and director and making Morocco a center plot point. “We’re putting Morocco back on its level, showing the way it is evolving positively at the moment,” he said.

“In any action movie, the FBI or Interpol is at the forefront. But the director wanted to put out a different vision of Morocco, so we showcased the BCIJ.”

“We love seeing Morocco in movies, but it’s always either depicted as Syria or a poor and struggling country, but Morocco is booming right now and the BCIJ is a superpower so we think now is the right time to be showcasing it,” Brice pointed out.

”We’re getting involved in international political matters, and the world has never been ready for such a movie 🎥