Turbulent Times at Manitoba Public Insurance: Board Chair Departs and President/CEO Forced Out
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Turbulent Times at Manitoba Public Insurance: Board Chair Departs and President/CEO Forced Out

“Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has been entrenched in a perpetual state of unrest and disorder. Recently, the chairperson of the board resigned in the wake of a startling revelation regarding the exorbitant travel expenses of the CEO, totalling an astounding sum of over $88,000. This embarrassing disclosure promptly led to the termination of Mr. Eric Herbelin Sunday afternoon by newly minted board chair Ward Keith, a retired, long-serving MPI executive.

MPI has grappled with many issues, including a stark contrast between the CEO’s repeated salary raises amounting to $375,563 in 2022 while employees faced a wage freeze implemented by the government. This egregious double standard has only further ignited the flames of dissatisfaction within the organization.

Then there is the eagerly anticipated Project Nova, MPI’s ambitious endeavour to transition auto insurance services to the online realm, which has become a financial catastrophe. Initially estimated to cost $86 million, the project’s expenses have ballooned to a staggering $290 million, burdening the taxpayers of Manitoba. The projected completion date of spring 2023 will only witness the readiness of specific elements of Project Nova, primarily the commercial components, for the people of Manitoba.

Amidst the turmoil, Marnie Kacher, a new interim president and CEO, has been appointed to lead MPI. The minister of MPI, Kelvin Goertzen, has expressed profound concerns about the cost overruns of Project Nova, the presence of uncompetitive contracts, and a myriad of other issues that ultimately culminated in the termination of the former CEO. This regrettable situation places the taxpayers of Manitoba in a precarious position as they now bear the weight of a substantial payout to the deposed CEO.

The ramifications of this debacle extend far and wide for the Manitoba government, particularly considering the prevailing unfavourable public sentiment towards MPI and the PC government. The timing of these events could not have been more inopportune, as Manitobans already harbour a deep skepticism and discontent towards the corporation and the government. The current state of affairs paints a gloomy picture of mismanagement, fiscal irresponsibility, and a lack of accountability within MPI.

As the government and MPI officials conduct an exhaustive examination of the situation, it remains to be seen how they will confront the aftermath of the cost overruns in Project Nova, the issues surrounding non-tendered contracts, and the imperative to rebuild public trust. The journey towards recovery will undoubtedly be arduous, as the repercussions of this string of missteps reverberate throughout the organization and the province. The Manitoba government must act swiftly and decisively to rectify the situation, reinstate transparency, and ensure that such mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility are never repeated.

The disarray at Manitoba Public Insurance is a stark reminder of the dire consequences of poor governance, mismanagement, and a lack of oversight. The fallout from the CEO’s exorbitant travel expenses, the soaring costs of Project Nova, and the subsequent termination has left auto insurers with more questions than answers.

As Manitobans bear witness to this unfortunate sequence of events, they demand accountability, transparency, and a renewed dedication to responsible management of public funds. The path to recovery will be protracted and challenging, but it is of utmost importance to restore public trust and guarantee the stability and efficacy of Manitoba Public Insurance for the benefit of all Manitobans.”

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