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The Daily Scrum News is committed to good journalism and covering the stories that mean the most to society. We strongly believe in ethical reporting based on facts without any partisan spin. We believe we can get a lot accomplished through positive messaging. We started The Daily Scrum News because we wanted a news outlet that reported on the positive work being done by governments without the rhetoric while omitting any political slant. 

We cover current political events in Canada with dedicated coverage for breaking news stories in the USA and around the globe. The Daily Scrum News believes in balanced policies and humanistic philosophies. Too often many media and other social outlets present unbalanced and unfair portrayals of humanistic government policies, elected officials, aspiring candidates, and corporations. 

Many media outlets do not value humanistic ideals in society and present only negative news headlines in the name of quick financial gains while ignoring their responsibilities, to tell the truth. That type of reporting only causes long-term damage to the credibility and safety of journalists. 

We believe not all news is good news, and that is why we dedicated a full day of not covering any of the tragic shootings that seemed to be happening on a daily basis within the United States. Instead, we used our platform to play a day filled with the most positive Youtube videos about life and happiness for our readers. We believe we have a duty to shape the world we want for our children and, if we are to do that, it can not always be about negative headlines and money.

We deploy cutting edge technology to ensure we can communicate in 48 languages. That is why all of our news anchors are Digital Human Polyglots. We’ve been in the Metaverse for years and are just getting started.

If there was an error in an article, information, publication our readers can get in touch with us anytime. If it is something that requires correction, we will do our best to see that it is addressed as quickly as possible. We are independent of any other corporation and will continue to work hard for the people.

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