Dollar Casinos: The Best Way to Save on Your Gambling Budget
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Dollar Casinos: The Best Way to Save on Your Gambling Budget

Reading Time: 2 minutes For many people, gambling can be a very expensive hobby. Between the cost of travel, accommodation, food and drinks, as well as the actual cost of playing the games, it’s not surprising that many people find themselves spending a lot of money when they gamble. However, there are ways to cut down on the cost Read More…


How to Improve Quality Assurance in Construction?

Reading Time: 4 minutes While in some industries, mistakes are inexpensive to fix, this is not the case in construction. Tearing down a wall, reducing a chance of a collapse (and property damage with potential casualties), and an expensive lawsuit are just some of the outcomes of low-quality construction work. With all of this in mind, it’s more than Read More…


Contemi appoints new Group CEO and Executive Chair

Reading Time: 2 minutes Contemi Solutions, a global financial services technology major, announces Daniel Thafvelin as the new Chief Executive Officer and Martin Frick as Executive Chair. Sept. 16, 2022, SINGAPORE – Contemi Solutions, a Singapore headquartered tech major with more than 60 global clients in the financial services and insurance industry, announced that Daniel Thafvelin has been appointed Read More…

Should Companies Invest In A Professional Press Release Agent
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Should Companies Invest In A Professional Press Release Agent?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes A press release is a document that’s used to publicize new products or services to the general public. It’s also used to announce the launch of a product or service and to inform stakeholders about important company news. A press release is brief and often consists of just a Read More…

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*Meet The Game Changer Himself In The World Of Social Media*

Reading Time: 2 minutes *Meet The Game Changer Himself In The World Of Social Media* The younge intellect, Ali Srour, finds great purpose in setting a new concept to the core value of being an expert in social media. Since childhood, Ali showed deep interest and curiousity towards electronic gadgets and technology. He’d wait for the 11th of February Read More…


New Security Vulnerability Affects 10% of All NFT Projects

Reading Time: 2 minutes NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) have burst into popularity in the cryptocurrency space. An NFT is, at its core, a piece of data stored on a blockchain, a unique physical or digital item, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. But the ownership of that data, similar to the ownership of a real art Read More…

Lisa Chen, Shattering The Glass Ceiling In The World Of Financial Trading
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Lisa Chen, Shattering The Glass Ceiling In The World Of Financial Trading

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chen ranks among the very best financial traders on the World Cup Trading Platform Navigating the ups and downs of the financial markets can be a complicated endeavour for even the best advisors. This is even more frightening amid a pandemic and at the beginning of economic recovery. That’s unless you are Lisa Chen, one Read More…

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Euro Continues To Decline Towards US Dollar Parity

Reading Time: 2 minutes The price of the euro in comparison to the dollar slipped to a 20-year low this week, but will the continental currency bounce back in the coming months? On Tuesday, the Euro fell to a 20-year low against the U.S. dollar as fears about the European economy weighed heavily on the currency. It was one Read More…

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The Dubai Virtual Regulatory Authority Is The First Government To Enter The Metaverse

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Dubai Asset Regulatory Authority announced its entry into the metaverses by establishing its headquarters in the virtual world “The Sandbox.”. The Crown Prince of Dubai will oversee it. He serves as the Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai. The Sandbox will be the national authority handling all legal partnerships and Read More…

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“Mohammad AlNajar”Reflection upon His Success Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Mohammad AlNajar”: Reflection upon His Success Story This is not your average fly-by-night success story, but one of perseverance, never giving up and reflecting on his success. One of inspiration for the Arab world’s aspiring youths, one of experimenting with cultures, challenging life and its countless obstacles, exploring opportunities and seeing the light at the Read More…

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Mohamed Nagia Named To Dubai’s Top 100 Social Influencers List

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mohamed Nagia Receives Prestigious Dubai Award For Social Media Content The young content creator, “Mohamed Nagia” was honored for being among the best influencers on social networking sites, in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. For his achievement, Mr Nagia was presented with the World Live “streamers” award. Even with all his success blogging has Read More…

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Exclusive Interview With Iconic Builder And Designer, Dr. Hamdan Al-Sweilem

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dr. Hamdan Al-Sweilem has built many of the most famous hotel brands around the world Please dr, about your life? Dr Hamdan Al-Sweilem is a successful businessman from the United Arab Emirates who immigrated to the country in 1977 and still calls it home. He also holds European citizenship. Dr Al-Sweilem studied Medicine and Business Read More…

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The Talented Mr Ahmed Al khafagi

Reading Time: < 1 minute Journalist and Tv personality Mr Al Khafagi holds a diploma from the College of Fine Arts (Baghdad) and, in 2001, moved to live in Dubai with his family. His career began in 2012 when he participated in the talent program Star Academy 9 with the help of his girlfriend Rahma Riyad. After passing the initial Read More…

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The nomination of the first international professional Arab photographer, Mohammed Qamaz Al-Jordan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mohammad Qammaz is the first Arab photographer to photograph in a new way of innovative fashion, from the Arab (Bedouin) heritage for the second time in a row; In the IPA International Competition for Arab Photographers from the State of JordanInternational photo awards. In 2017, Mohammad Qammaz was the first Arab photographer to receive the Read More…

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AT&T and Verizon Scheduled To Launch 5G Network Throughout U.S.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dubai | Mohamed Saieed | IOT Consultant in the Middle East and AI Expert This project is currently met with strong opposition from a U.S. airline group. 5G is the new technology for Internet connections and mobiles, which allows for large data download speeds and an increase in the number of connected devices simultaneously. This Read More…

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The Unforgettable shoes that the international fashion expert ” Mark Chris” has been known for

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mark Chris, fashion designer and creative director of the Italian fashion house, to get to know more about the man behind the brand – from his past, to the present, and his vision for the future.

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“Mercedes-Benz”  company has shown their positive impression to the graphics and the designs of the international Moroccan designer, (“Samer ben khadra”)

Reading Time: 2 minutes The international Moroccan designer ” samer ben khadra” makes great efforts to show his ability in making amazing  graphics that show creativity and  remarkable quality.  He is among plenty of famous designers whose name is a pride, it is a big honor for him to have such an impression by the company  of “Mercedes-Benz“. The Read More…

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Linda Benallal, The CEO of INNOCENT TOUCH – Paris comes back with a new collection for 2022.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Linda Benallal specializes in Islamic fashion design with a Moroccan Touch, she’s French-Moroccan fashion designer. Established her brand Innocent Touch -Paris In 2013 in Paris (France), and launched it from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2014. It offers a wide range of oriental fashion, which shows the elegance of women, and preserves customs and traditions Read More…

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World Youth Forum a Message to the Global Youth

Reading Time: < 1 minute Engineer Mohammed Saieed – Artificial Inelegance Expert and Digital Transformation Consultant in the Middle East. Participating in the World Youth Forum held in Sharm El-Sheikh in its fourth edition, the forum is a great opportunity to exchange experiences. Attending the fourth session of the World Youth Forum, attend the session and the importance of the Read More…

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Journalist “el-Amraoui Mariya” had an exclusive interview with the most renowned sports marketer 《Esteve Calzada》

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mariya el amraoui 1)When did you start in football? 1-In 2002, when I was hired as Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for FC Barcelona. 2)What motivated you to choose the field? 2-Football is my passion and Barcelona my childhood team. 3)Did you find support from someone? 3-Not really 4)How many family members does your family Read More…

Could Multiple Billion Dollar Lawsuits Finally Bankrupt Fox News?
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Could Multiple Billion Dollar Lawsuits Finally Bankrupt Fox News?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fox News is in a vicarious position as they are on the receiving end of several multibillion-dollar lawsuits For years Fox News has been spewing propaganda and miss information by their repugnant commentators and claiming it to be news, except when they are hit with several multibillion-dollar lawsuits. Fox News has been a pro-Maga, pro-Trump Read More…

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MBA programs need to be updated to face digital transformation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dubai on December 11 Written by: Engineer Mohamed Saieed . Digital Transformation Consultant in the Middle East and Artificial Intelligence Expert. I had completed my university studies and then obtained a Master of Business Administration specializing in Marketing from one of the European universities, which at that time were curricula that kept pace with the Read More…