Rights For Humans, Accountability For Persons
Op-Ed Western Canada

Rights For Humans, Accountability For Persons

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dedicated to my Mum, Isabel Sommerville, RN, BN, MPA By Anne Thompson Under Canadian law, a corporation is considered to be a legal person who can own property, borrow money, pay taxes, hire employees, and commence or be subject to a lawsuit.  They can be guided, but they cannot care, nor have empathy, nor have they Read More…

The Cash Propaganda
Op-Ed Canada

The Cash Propaganda

Reading Time: 4 minutes The federal government still has serious holes in their plan to help Black Businesses Opt. Ed By Ryan O’Neil Knight As a man and a business owner, I would like to give my thoughts on the past 9 months since the announcement of the Black Entrepreneurship Program by the federal government. In September it was Read More…

Jamie Moses, First Black MLA To Speak In The Manitoba Legislature
Black History Month Op-Ed Western Canada

Jamie Moses, First Black MLA To Speak In The Manitoba Legislature

Reading Time: 4 minutes Black History Month celebrates historic election of MLA Jamie Moses On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, I became the first Black person to ever speak in the Manitoba Legislature as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. For the first time, Black people in Manitoba have a voice in the Legislature. Walking into the chamber and seeing Read More…

University of Toronto Mississauga Charging Mandatory Fees To Students For Closed Facilities
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Canadian University Continues To Charge Students Fees For Facilities That Are Closed Due To COVID-19

Reading Time: 6 minutes Students are calling mandatory fees unfair especially while income is limited due to COVID-19 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of facilities at the ‘University ofToronto Mississauga (UTM) have been closed. However, UTM students are still required to pay mandatory fees, called incidental fees, for these closed facilities as well as still having to Read More…

Chief Medical Officer Calls for renewed COVID-19 privacy
Atlantic Canada Op-Ed

Chief Medical Officer Calls for renewed COVID-19 privacy

Reading Time: 3 minutes New Brunswickers want more details about COVID-19 infection zones but they would breach privacy laws. In recent days, we have received questions looking for specific information about how the latest outbreaks of COVID-19 in Zone 1, the Moncton region, and Zone 5, the Campbellton region, began. I understand the desire to know what took place, Read More…

Our actions and inaction's, have hurt a lot of people
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Our actions and inaction’s, have hurt a lot of people

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our actions and inaction’s, have hurt a lot of people. The two most powerful people in the world, “LAWLESS” Trump – The first president in modern day history that has never held a political office. Nor does he believe the constitution, courts, congress, the judicial systems and the senate have the necessary powers to regulate Read More…

Long Term Care Homes are Failing Seniors - Epic Misconduct
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Long Term Care Homes are Failing Seniors – Epic Misconduct

Reading Time: 3 minutes Long Term Care Homes are Failing Seniors – Epic Misconduct. Canadian ARMED Forces report detail mismanagement It is incredible that it takes a simple report from the military medical services to tell governments and Canadians what we have known for years; that senior homes in Canada are offering below standard care which is borderline criminal.  Read More…

Injured Fire Fighter's 20yr Fight With WCB Breaks Your Heart
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Injured Fire Fighter’s 20yr Fight With WCB Breaks Your Heart

Reading Time: 7 minutes Injured Fire Fighter’s 20yr Fight With WCB Breaks Your Heart. Moving Out Of Your Community Is Painful “I remember it was before my guts exploded after being on fentanyl for 7 months was around the time I received the … letter.” Anne Thompson “I got your six,” I’d like to say to all volunteer emergency Read More…

What Is The Definition Of Poverty? How Should It Be Defined In 2020?
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What Is The Definition Of Poverty? How Should It Be Defined In 2020?

Reading Time: 8 minutes What Is The Official Definition Of Poverty In 2020? ​Encouragement Enrichment Empowerment for All! I began studying poverty only after falling through our country’s safety nets and finding myself in this condition.  The circumstances that led me into poverty can be left for another conversation. Let me tell you: I was gobsmacked when I read, in A Backgrounder Read More…

GRIMM MILESTONE - 1,000,000 Infected With The Coronavirus
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GRIMM MILESTONE – 1,000,000 Infected With The Coronavirus

Reading Time: 2 minutes GRIMM MILESTONE – 1,000,000 Infected With The Coronavirus Worldwide. The deadliest pandemic in modern times We mark a very grim milestone today, there are now more than one million people around the world infected with the Coronavirus disease, according to Worldometer an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available. Covid-19 Read More…

Breaking News Indigenous Op-Ed

60th Anniversary Of Status Indians Being Allowed To Vote In Canada

Reading Time: 4 minutes The first votes cast since rights were extended to Status Indians were those of the Rice Lake Band near Peterborough On. From left to right in the photo, Lawrence Salleby, Chief Ralph Loucks, Deputy Returning Officer; Lucy Muskrat, Poll Clerk; Eldon Muskrat, Poll Constable. Photo Credit Nick Nickels. March 31st is the 60th anniversary of the right Read More…

Western Canada Breaking News Op-Ed

10 Reasons For Same-Sex Marriage “A Canadian Perspective”

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Picture featured in the article is Jim Kane with the Honourable Anne Mclellan presenting a signed copy of the Charter of Rights to the Edmonton Pride Society. The Charter was signed by Anne and Prime Minister Paul Martin. This article is a response to the highly inflammatory story written by TFP Student Action Group Read More…

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Haisla First Nation Creating 10,000 High Paying Skilled Jobs with $40 Billion LNG Investment. #Greta

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ready right now: Canadian LNG can lower global emissions while creating prosperity here at home. Canada is known around the world as a country of inclusiveness, tolerance, and respect for human rights. Our energy industry also holds world-class standards; among the best anywhere when it comes to innovation, environmental protection and responsible resource development. According Read More…

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Hydro Sites Are Toxic: I Opened Up My Bag To Eat Lunch And Found A Noose Inside Said A Black Employee

Reading Time: 3 minutes The aftermath of the whistleblower article sent shockwaves throughout Canada. Although shocking to Canadians, several of the Hydro employees that were interviewed perceived racism to be openly accepted within Manitoba Hydro and the majority of the Hydro Dams across the country. One Afro Canadian employee shared his story of the time he was working at Read More…

Breaking News Indigenous Op-Ed

Courageous Worker Stands Up Against Sexual Harassment And Racism At Toxic Manitoba Hydro

Reading Time: 9 minutes From October 13, 2017, to May 28, 2019, I was a member of the scaffolding department with BBE at the Keeyask Generating Station construction project in Northern Manitoba. In the 20 months that I worked there, I met and worked alongside countless tradespeople, labourers, machine operators, safety officers, engineers, teamsters, and managers from all across Read More…

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Poise, Leadership, Temperament; Mitzie Hunter: The Premier That Ontario Needs

Reading Time: 2 minutes This past summer, like many Ontarians, I was shocked to hear that the Canada Day celebration at Queen’s Park had been cancelled by the Ford government. Ontarians have enjoyed participating in this event that celebrates our beautiful country, and all that it represents, for over 50 years. This cancellation is an example of our new Read More…

Western Canada Op-Ed

Following The Science And Not The Fear About HIV/AIDS

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jim Kane, recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Jim’s medal was granted for his exceptional contribution to HIV/AIDS work in Canada. He is pictured here with the Honourable Minister Jim Rondeau, Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors & Consumer Affairs. Jim Kane https://www.facebook.com/jim.kane.357 As a long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS since the mid-1980s, I Read More…

Indigenous Breaking News Op-Ed

134 Anniversary Of The Largest Mass Execution Of Indigenous People In Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutes Battleford – 134 years ago today, the largest mass execution in Canadian history took place at Fort Battleford, in Saskatchewan. Warriors, who had fought alongside Louis Riel from the Cree Nation were executed for demanding that their collective and individual Human Rights be respected. The hanging were an aftermath of the 2nd Metis War in Read More…

Indigenous Op-Ed Western Canada

Minister Vandal, A Win For The Metis Nation, A Win For The North

Reading Time: 2 minutes By. Honourable Dr. Robert Falcon Ouellette, PhD https://twitter.com/DrRobbieO https://www.facebook.com/RFalconOuellette/ Dan Vandal, the Member of Parliament for St-Boniface-St-Vital was the only Westerner appointed to the 2019 federal cabinet on Wednesday, November 20 in Ottawa. The federal election held on October 21 was a prairie fire of malcontentment which burned bright and removed much of the Liberal Read More…


Pentagon Must Protect Whistleblowers

Reading Time: 3 minutes In New Letter To Secretary Of Defense Mark Esper, Leader Schumer Requests That The Defense Department Formally Notify All Civilian And Military Personnel Of Their Legal Rights To Make Protected Disclosures To Congress—Free From Retaliation After Continued Attacks, Leader Schumer Says DOD Officials Must Do More To Protect Whistleblowers Like Lt. Col. Vindman And Cooper, Read More…