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More Electric Vehicles Could Mean A Strain On The Canadian Electrical Grid

The increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada has the potential to put a significant load on the electric grid. As more and more make the switch to EVs, the demand for electricity is likely to increase, putting pressure on the grid to meet the rising demand. This can have a range of consequences, Read More…

Why Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?
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Why Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?

Moose, also known as Alces alces, are large mammals found in the northern hemisphere. They are known for their impressive antlers, which can grow up to six feet in width. However, these antlers are not permanent fixtures on a moose’s head. Instead, they are shed annually and regrown each year. Within the last couple of Read More…

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What Do You Know About Sunbirds?

Sunbirds are a type of small, brightly coloured bird that are found in a variety of warm, tropical regions around the world. Unlike snowbirds, which are known for travelling to warmer climates during the winter months, sunbirds actually migrate to colder climates when the winter arrives. One of the most interesting things about sunbirds is Read More…

More Action Needs To Be Taken In 2023 To Address Climate Change
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More Action Needs To Be Taken In 2023 To Address Climate Change

Addressing climate change is not just a government problem, every citizen on earth must do their part to save the planet Yes, global climate change is one of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the world today. It is caused by the increasing levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, in the Earth’s atmosphere, Read More…

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Dos And Don’ts of Fall Landscaping

Landscaping needs to be taken seriously, seeing as how it affects the resale value of your property, your own ability to enjoy your home’s backyard, and the overall health of your garden. You see, the health of your soil affects the health of all the plants in your backyard. When it comes to landscaping, it’s Read More…

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The Ocean Clean Up Is Helping Remove The Island Of Ocean Trash

With System 002/A, most of the ocean’s plastic could be cleared by 2040. On The 18th of August, The Ocean Cleanup deployed new technology to help collect the enormous amount of plastic littering the ocean. The Ocean Cleanups aims to reduce 90% of floating plastic by 2040. They mainly target the atrocity named the Great Read More…

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Climate Change Is Real, But Canada Must Remain An Oil Producing Nation

There is a complicated relationship between Canada, oil and gas, and the fight against climate change. According to C.A.P.P. (The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers), Canada has the world’s largest oil reserves, contributing about $105 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (G.D.P.), 400,00 jobs.  It averages $10 billion in annual revenue for provincial and federal Read More…

Canada is on its way to net-zero emissions
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The New Environmental Measures For Cruise Ships In Canada Are Working

Canada is on its way to net-zero emissions Transit Canada held a press release on August 18th in Ottawa to discuss the impact of the environmental measures established for cruise ships. The Canadian government implemented these measures because of its commitment to giving citizens a healthy environment. Joyce Murray, the Minister of Fisheries, stated, “Protecting Read More…

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Intense Heatwaves Scorching Planet Earth – A Consequence Of Climate Change

The heatwaves across the globe serve as a ‘wake-up’ call for governments to take the climate crisis seriously. With the Earth getting hotter, more floods, droughts, and wildfires and temperature will continue to rise if humans do not stop adding greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. While countries across the globe agreed during the 2015 Read More…

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Canadian Environmental Minister Guilbeault, Proposing Major Changes To How Products Get Recycled In Canada

The Next Steps In Canada’s Zero Waste By 2030 Plan Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, announced the next step in delivering on Canada’s commitments on plastic waste and pollution by launching two consultations to:  – Develop rules for recyclability and compostability labeling and,  – Establish a federal plastics registry for Read More…

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Electric Vehicles are the Future. Is the World Ready for them?

The high gas price has led to a tectonic shift towards electric vehicle purchasing The shift to electrified mobility started nearly two decades ago with the arrival of the first hybrid vehicles. Although most car buyers were not initially comfortable with the idea of a gas-electric powertrain, hybrids continued to gain popularity. Eventually, they served Read More…

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Deadly Storm Derecho, Kills 10 & Leaves 400,000 Ontarians and Québécois Without Power

Environment Canada has not officially confirmed Derecho as a tornado and has not released any official statistics or reports By: Charlotte Hui Last Saturday, a violent thunderstorm hit southern Ontario and southern and central Quebec, killing ten people and leaving about 400,000 without power. By midday, Environment Canada had issued a warning for the region, Read More…

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Torture by Electrocution & Other Means: A Documentation of Disturbing Animal Cruelty on Social Media

Torture by Electrocution & Other Means: A Documentation of Disturbing Animal Cruelty on Social Media The prevalence of animal cruelty clips on social media has created concerns for animal rights advocates, conservationists and everyone concerned about other species who share the environment with us. These alarming clips are gathering traction and the disturbing trend has Read More…

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Remembering Willy Thomas on World Pangolin Day

Remembering Willy Thomas on World Pangolin Day Willy Ayodele Thomas who passed away into eternity on 30 July 2020 was one of the greats of the Pangolin crusade in Nigeria, Africa and indeed in the world. He loved Pangolins without reservations and was in the forefront of efforts to conserve these rare, precious and invaluable Read More…

Over 100 South Africans Firefighters Fly To Manitoba
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Over 100 South Africans Firefighters Fly To Manitoba

114 South African firefighters are flying to Manitoba to combat the rampant wildfires. By Donovan Martin With wildfires rampant throughout Manitoba, more resources than Canada can expend are being used to combat them. With the province ablaze, international help was needed to protect citizens. And in this time of peril, over one hundred South African Read More…

Government of Canada Establishes Climate Change Youth Council
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Government of Canada Establishes Climate Change Youth Council

Applications are now open to join the Environment and Climate Change Youth Council By Dami Igbinyemi Young Canadians aren’t just the leaders of today, they are also the leaders of the future. This is why we must do everything we can to build a better future for them, with them. Climate strikes, March for Our Read More…

Not Just BC, Wildfires Rampant In Manitoba
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Not Just BC, Wildfires Rampant In Manitoba

Wildfires remain rampant in Manitoba, innundating the province with smoke and haze. Donovan Martin The Manitoba Wildfire Service continues to state that there are high to extreme fire danger levels across the province. Firefighters have been continuously fighting fires throughout Manitoba. The sheer amount of smoke produced has created a haze that has loomed or Winnipeg Read More…