Frequently Asked Questions

Profile – Your profile setting is located at the top right corner of your screen. By hovering over your name, a dropdown menu will appear that will provide you access to your account settings, the add post menu bar button, post status button, forum creations, FAQ and a logout button.

Horizontal Profile Bar – This bar will appear after clicking the profile button. From there, users will have access to view their post status, edit the about section and view the forums page.

Posts – To view all posts created by you, just click on the word “Posts” located on your horizontal menu. Posts can also be accessed by clicking on the name of the journalist sitewide to bring up their past articles.

Account Settings – This is where you will go to adjust your privacy settings, change your password, request information about your account and delete it should you choose to do so.

Add Post – To add a post just click the “Add Post” tab found in your account settings to bring up your word editor. From there you will add your title, tags, select your categorie(s) and upload your feature image. Once your featured image has been updated, you are required to add your content and submit it.

Delete Posts – Go to the Profile button, then click post status and delete the post you would like to remove from your article lists.

Please note for your post to show up in the news feed, you “must” add a featured image. The size must be 1200×630 in jpeg format. To insert an image into the body of your text, simply copy and paste it. From there, you will be able to position it as desired.

Articles can all be saved as a draft to be completed at a later date.

To insert an image into your article, just hit the insert photo button. Current videos can only be inserted by copying and pasting the video from a Youtube URL. Uploading videos directly to your article will be available within the next few updates.

Post Status – This is where you will go to view and edit all previously created articles which can be found under the account section.

Forums – This is where users navigate to create a new forum. This tab can also be found in the account settings area. Once a forum has been created, it can only be deleted by the creator or and admin. Once a forum has been created, it can be set to public, private or hidden from other journalists.

The Help Hub – This is the section user go to find important information on the most common products and services to assist with daily living.