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Seeking Anne Advocate; The Duty to Protect

Protection of Seniors in Care appeals the decision of the Executive Director made on March 07, 2023, re: File No. 5489066, for the following reasons: “Trust is the foundation upon which the legitimacy of public institutions is built and is crucial for maintaining social cohesion,” according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Read More…

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CNN Says Myanmar is a Prison, is this true?

                     CNN Says Myanmar is a Prison, is this true?                                         By Steve Ogah  As a creative writer, one is constantly finding interest in the prison metaphor and its deployment in literature and factual living. This is one of the themes I committed myself to in “Campus Act”, a short fiction written some years back. I Read More…


Rights For Humans, Accountability For Persons

Dedicated to my Mum, Isabel Sommerville, RN, BN, MPA By Anne Thompson (revised 2022 – MA- 04) Under Canadian law, a corporation is considered to be a legal person who can own property, borrow money, pay taxes, hire employees, and commence or be subject to a lawsuit.  They can be guided, but they cannot care, nor Read More…